Port Terminals

Inspection Services

  • Crane Inspections – STS, MHC, RTGC, SC, RS, ECH, Forklifts, Spreaders, Grabs and Man Riding Baskets
  • Detailed Structural Integrity & NDT Inspections; Annual & 6 monthly
  • Non-Destructive Testing (Phased Array, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic Testing, Close Proximity Radiography)
  • Condition Inspections including Coating System
  • Wire Rope (EMAG) Inspection
  • DROPS Surveys & Remedial action
  • Lifting Gear Inspection (Slings, Pad Eyes, Hooks)
  • Dimensional Tolerance and Alignment scanning – 3D Scanning
  • Inspections shall be in accordance with OEM and APM Specifications

Repair Services

  • Structural Repairs: Coded Welders (Rope Access trained)
  • Coating Repairs: Surface Preparation & Coating application
    (UHP / Sand Blasting)

Maintenance Services

  • UHP Blasting
  • High Pressure Blasting/Cleaning
  • Sand Blasting (Vacuum Blasting)
  • Coating / Painting
  • Mechanical Prep (Bristle Blasters)
  • Bolt Torqueing

Certification Services

  • PORT Cranes and Container Handling Equipment
  • Onshore Cranes
  • Lifting Gear Equipment (LEEA)
  • Load testing
  • In-House Structural Engineering Team – Review, Assess & Certify
  • Reverse Engineering capability