Engineering Services

Engineering is our core competency and supported by our team of skilled engineers who cover multiple disciplines. We excel at problem-solving and rapid turnaround of bespoke projects.

A noteworthy capability is our romer portable co-ordinate measuring and scanning machine, which enables us to meet aerospace levels of accuracy when reverse engineering.

  • Cloud Based Project Optimization
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Optimum Program

Design & Development

3D Modelling

Prototype Manufacturing

Creation Of Specifications & Engineering Documentation


Acting As Third Party Witness

Specialist Project Management

Design Ownership Through CEM Process

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Problem Analysis Solving

Automation Of Processes Or Equipment

Product Design & Design Qualification


The optimum program builds value through digitization of processes. We design bespoke software and tech solutions for the energy market.

Our aim is to guide clients through the digital transformation by providing a risk-free process of design and implementation with global 24/7 aftermarket support once our products are launched.

Optimizing your processes through digitization will not only improve your bottom line but will open the door to other areas within your business that can be improved through data analytics.

Delivering solutions that digitize and automate processes allows our clients to stay ahead of their competition and grow within a digital environment.

The cost of compliance is real and will be one of the biggest differentiators between companies operating in the energy market. Having the ability to include clients through digitization is critical.

In today’s streamlined energy habitat, having the ability to react quicker, finish projects more efficiently and be able to represent actual value of savings to clients is imperitive.

Capturing quality data is key to unlocking proper analytics, machine learning and predictive maintenance. It also allows companies to extract maximum value through data analysis that was previously unseen.


No pens, paper, camera or laptops are required.

Log in, inspect and report based on the criteria pre-defined to ensure data accuracy and efficiency is of the highest standard.


Plan scope of a project. Build unique project teams based on your resources available. 

Add and review procedures for each project or create a template driven solution.

Add certifications and equipment calibration certificates. Review, save and distribute reports in real time.


Equipment owners have access to all the inspection data via a web-based interface.

Dive into data with trending analysis and have real-time access to status updates.

No more surprises due to the capability of macro level documentation review. Peace of mind that projects are running on track through live schedule review.